Julia S.Y. Kim
Julia S.Y. Kim
Food & Travel Blogger Based in NYC

About Me

Hi there,

I'm Julia. I’m from a little bit of everywhere. I lived in New Jersey, the Philippines, Korea, D.C., Maryland, and now New York City (I recently moved here!). You’ll frequently find me traveling between the three places I call home: Korea, the Philippines, and the States.

Food, travel, photography, and advertising are just few things I love.

I’ll always have my camera with me so I’m ready to capture moments on film or tell friends to “freeze!” before we enjoy our meal.

If there’s anything I can geek out about, it’s digital marketing.

I'm just trying to navigate through this crazy adventure called life and use this blog mainly as my food diary to keep track of where I’ve been and what I liked/didn’t like.

Thanks for listening and stopping by!


P.S. winter is my favorite season.