Road Trip to Philadelphia

Road Trip to Philadelphia

Pat's Steaks Philly Cheese Steak

LOVE Statue

At the Franklin Square Park

At the Reading Terminal Market

Cannoli French Toast at Cafe Lift

Pub & Kitchen's Burger

Over Fall Break (October 10 - 12) my friends and I decided to take a spontaneous road trip to Philadelphia. It was nice being able to get out of town and relax for a few days. We ate a lot, tried their famous Philly CheeseSteak, and went to local tourist spots. 

When driving around Philadelphia, I noticed they had a different marketing approach than they do in DC (although not pictured in this blog post). They have a lot of street and wall art and used pop art in their billboards. This clearly demonstrated the importance of researching who your target audience is and learning about their culture. 

I had a lot of fun learning about Philadelphia and I can't wait to go visit again. Especially for some Philly CheeseSteak!