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Food Adventures in Manila

FoodJulia KimPhilippines
Food Adventures in Manila

Quesadillas at TGI Friday's

T.E Half Chicken at Todd English Food Hall

BiBimBap at Sariwon

Pad Thai & Fresh Mango Shake at Mango Tree

Halo-Halo at the Peninsula Hotel

This post is a little late but being the foodie I am, I wanted to write down the few places I went to when I was in Manila, Philippines.  

1. Quesadillas at TGI Fridays: This isn't the most impressive but I always seem to order this whenever I go to TGI's in Manila. I love quesadillas and would honestly eat them all the time if I could, which probably explains why I always order this when I come here. Also, they don't sell quesadillas at TGI Friday's in America. Someone needs to change that. Just saying. 

2. Todd English Food Hall: a fairly new restaurant at the new SM Mall in Fort Bonifacio. They have a wide range of food, which is always fun but also very risky. They had burgers to sushi to roasted chicken dishes. With such a diverse menu, I was skeptical on the taste and quality of food. But once my food came out, I quickly inhaled my food and drooled over my friend's. It's safe to say that I enjoyed my meal here and would come back for more. 

3. BiBimBap at Sariwon: Sariwon is probably one of my favorite Korean restaurants in Manila. The BimBimBap wasn't the best but their Korean BBQ is what this restaurant is good for. My mouth is watering just thinking about their galbi. 

4. Pad Thai & Mango Shake at Mango Tree: This was my first time here. It was a cute restaurant with decent food located in Greenbelt. To be honest, I don't really remember how good the food was. All I remember is feeling overwhelmed by their cluttered menu filled with photos of every possible food you can order. 

5. Halo-Halo at the Peninsula Hotel: I grew up coming here just to eat their Halo-Halo. This is still my favorite place to get desserts and something I always must have before leaving the Philippines. It's always a great way to end my trip. 

That being said, thanks for all the memories, Manila.  
Until next time.