Quick Recap of My Short Trip to Manila

I'm always incredibly thankful to be able to stop by home and catch-up with old friends, especially with those who watched me grow and saw me during my awkward prime teenage years -- oh yeah, those were the days. I haven't seen one of my closest friends (first photo below) in nearly two years, yet once we reunited, it felt as if time hadn't escaped us. We were able to pick things up quickly and felt as if nothing changed, except maybe for our now prominent American accent. 

Because majority of my close friends are scattered around the world and we hardly see each other, I've learned to value and cherish the moments and time you share with a friend. It's not easy trying to maintain multiple long distance friendships and I'll admit that it can get exhausting, but when you do keep in touch with those you value and eventually reunite once again, you'll quickly learn that all your effort and time was worth it. It's one of the most rewarding moments of life and one I wouldn't exchange for anything. 

Manila, thank you once again for the great memories; until next time!