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New Year, New Me, right?

BlogJulia KimComment
New Year, New Me, right?

It’s that time of the year again when we start the New Year with fresh new resolutions, goals, and all feeling hopeful to accomplish many things. I too fall in this bucket. 

I’m proud to say that over the past 4 years, I’ve kept majority of my resolutions and now have high expectations to continue this streak for as long as possible.

Here’s how I do it:   

  1. Think of realistic and achievable goals: I do like to push myself, so I usually have a mix of easy (e.g. eat healthy) and challenging (e.g. go on multiple media cleanses for a full day) goals. 
  2. Write them all down. I also try to be as specific as possible. 
  3. I check back. This helps me make sure I’m staying on track. 
  4. Set smaller goals. I do this if I realize I haven't made any progress during my check-ins. For example, for my media cleanse, I might start with turning off my phone for half a day or limiting myself to answering text/calls. Goodbye, social media (for a day)! 

For this website of mine, in addition to keeping up with my regular food and travel posts, one of my goals is to write a minimum of one blog post a month. This will be a reflection post, a lesson learned, or a goal I hope to achieve that month. And so, here’s the first of my many blog posts. 

Hope 2017 is off to a great start for you. 
I’ll talk to you again soon,