It's that time of the year when the weather is supposed to start cooling down as we transition into my favorite season, fall, but for some reason, I'm still out and about wearing shorts as the weather continues to fluctuate.

Update on my life (for anyone interested): I was recently reunited with an old friend, and this friend re-reminded me the importance of carefully selecting who you allow yourself to be around. This friend of mine has an extremely kind-genuine heart, always has a positive attitude, and knows how to stay grounded. This made me re-realize how crucial it is to have people you respect and people who respect you in your life, and I know this all sounds cliche, but it's so true. 

When you haven't seen or talked to someone in a while, there's always that slight chance things might be slightly awkward, since people change and grow, but being able to pick things up quickly and naturally when you do reunite is one of the greatest feelings ever. It's almost as if you're able to revert back to those "good old days". 

When you revert back to those "good old days," you're reminded who you used to be and you see how much you've grown over the past few weeks, months, years. When you take a step back and pause to think who you've been spending your time with in absence of your old friend, you'll notice how everyone impacts your life differently.  

I'm about to take on new challenges and leap out of my comfort zone. As nervous as I am, I'm also excited for what's to come, and I know I wouldn't be able to do this without the support of my friends and family. After hanging out with this old friend, I felt refreshed and felt like the problems and stress I was facing 10 minutes ago were lifted off my shoulders. 

My old friend reminded me even more how thankful I am to call the people who are my friends, my friends. The people who truly care about you are the relationships worth fighting for, but remember, any relationship can't be a one-way street.