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BlogJulia KimComment

aka one of the most difficult times in your life (or so the “adults” say).


I feel like not enough people talk about the difficulties of it. We live in a society where it can feel like people are competing on who has a better - happier - life. Who’s more successful? Who’s more well traveled? Who’s more social?

I feel like twenties is the time when you’re learning how to ride a bike with training wheels, getting off those training wheels, feeling unsteady, and then without realizing it, you’re flying.

Figuring out who you are. Go offline.

It’s a process, it will take time, you’ll learn something new about yourself, and you will change.

I’ve been doing a lot of self reflecting, figuring out who I am, and building my foundation to chase after what I want in life. It’s all the behind the scenes work no one posts about on social, but it’s something we all go through.

With every tear there’s been laughter, with every fail there’s been more laughter and growth. You learn to let go and focus your energy on the more important things in life. You’ll stumble a lot, but you’ll grow a lot too.

Twenties. Our story is just getting started, so get ready, stay hopeful.

There’s so much life has to offer, so much you can offer to the world, and so much we can do to change it for the better. I genuinely feel like my story is just getting started, so equally trying to enjoy living in the moment and staying excited for what else is to come.