When someone feels like home

Maybe you’ve already experienced this with a few people or maybe you haven’t, but I’m going to ask the question anyways: have you ever met someone (outside of your family) who felt like home?  

General home-feeling rule

You know you can be completely yourself around them and they’re the last person to judge you (or maybe they’ll lovingly-outwardly say they’re lovingly-judging you). This is someone you’re comfortable to sit in silence with. When you argue and fight, you know that they’ll still be there for you and you’ll be there for them, and you'll overcome this bump. You have a sense of safety and warmth when they’re there by your side.

Old friends, old comforting home

When I hangout with old friends, there’s a sense of nostalgia-home with them. They saw me when during my awkward teenage days when I was trying to figure out how to morph into this “adult” personality as classy as possible. They bring comfort and I love how we’re able to go back to those days when we were younger and a bit less jaded.

My dear best friends, my current home

There’s only a handful of friends I truly consider my best-best friends. There’s the best friends I care deeply for and will have their back no matter what, and vise versa, but what makes my ultimate best friends stand-out is how I feel when I’m with them. When I’m homesick, they’re the ones I call and they’re the ones I feel completely comfortable showing every side of me with. They’re the friends that feels like family and that I trust with my whole heart.

& then, there’s that rare human who appears once in a blue moon

This person will take you by surprise because they’ll feel like home in a completely new level. It can be overwhelming. They'll give you a sense of security, you’ll be willing to put them before you, they'll bring joy in your life, and you'll want to bring joy in theirs. You'll want to spend time with them, whether you're out and about or sitting at home doing absolutely nothing. You’ll feel safe and at ease that they’re right there, they'll just feel like home. 

My, Yours, home 

These people are rare to come by (at least for me), so hold on to them tightly when they enter your life. Home should be a place of comfort, safety, and support. But like any home, there will be times when you need to move on and start fresh, and that’s okay. Trust me when I say this, you will find another new home. Just give it time. No home is the same, but every home will be great in its own way. 

So let me ask the question again, do you have people in your life (outside of your family) who feel like home?