I dare you to take a leap of faith

I dare you to take courage and a leap of faith even if you're all alone. If it's something (or someone) you believe in, then I challenge you to at least try to see where life takes you.

So often do people tell me stories how they regret not trying. Whether it's not trying to explore a new city because they were uncomfortable about the cultural barriers they might encounter, not trying new cuisines, not trying to attend that concert because their friends wouldn't go with them, not trying to make a relationship work, the list goes on. 

It’s normal for us to stop ourselves from doing something because we’re afraid, after all, we are human, right? No.

Here's my challenge: I challenge you to take a leap and start living your life by chasing after your dreams, even if it means you have to make a few sacrifices.

If you can attend that dream college of yours despite it being across/in another country, go for it. If you received an amazing job offer and it's a job you fell in love with but it means relocating and moving away from your friends, go and take that chance; don't worry, you'll eventually make new friends. If you want to take a chance on a relationship but you're scared because you've been hurt before, don't let that past experience hold you back. 

Don't ever let past experiences hold you back but use it to strengthen you.

It's life, so hardships and heartaches will come and go, since we're forever stuck on this crazy rollercoaster of a life. But wouldn't you rather give something a shot and learn from those experiences than sit there in regret wondering, "what if?"  

Have courage. Have heart. Don’t let fear hinder you.