Afternoon Tea at Lady Camellia

Afternoon Tea at Lady Camellia

Due to busy schedules, I realized I hadn't seen one of my closest friends in almost 2 months, so we spontaneously decided to meet up yesterday afternoon for tea. It's hard to find good coffee/tea shops in DC -- or maybe I'm just not looking hard enough -- so it was a nice surprise stumbling across this place. This place was very quaint and absolutely endearing; this is my way of saying it was very girly and cute. 

We made reservations and stopped by Lady Camellia, located on Prospect St. around the Georgetown area, which ended up being the perfect place to make kwento and catch up on life. 

They had a few selection of tea sets. We decided to do one Cream Tea and one Light Tea. The Cream Tea comes with one pot of tea and two scones, while the Light Tea comes with one pot of tea and four pastries. Since it was already late in the afternoon, we both didn't want to get anything caffeinated. My friend ended up ordering the Vanilla Rooibos Tea while I got the Ginger Root Tea. 

The space is small and has limiting spacing, so if you ever want to stop by, I would highly recommend calling ahead of time to make reservations. The pastries and scones complemented the tea really well, I was surprised how good they were. The macaroons were much smaller than we expected and I was a little skeptical about the ginger root tea, but they both ended up being great choices. 

10/10 I would go back again.