Momofuku & Milk Bar -- Who Won?

Momofuku & Milk Bar -- Who Won?

After waiting for the opening of Momofuku and Milk Bar, I was extremely excited to be able to finally try out this place. For Momofuku, the experience was... it was okay. Maybe it's because I was expecting a lot from Momofuku that it ended up not meeting my standards. 

The ramen and brisket buns were mediocre and, to be honest, I don't think I'd come back for more. BUT the Milk Bar? Oh my goodness. It was: amazing, addicting, mouthwatering, just absolutely delicious. 

If you want ramen recommendations in DC, I have a few lists up my sleeves! Keep a look out, because I just might blog about one soon.  

My Overall Rating: The Meal? C+. The dessert? A

P.S. my experience at Momofuku is featured on my most recent vlog, which you can watch by clicking here