My Favorite Ramen Place in DC

My Favorite Ramen Place in DC

I told you I'd write about a ramen place soon (re: Momofuku & Milk Bar Post). But anyways, I believe I finally found my favorite ramen place in DC. The clear ramen winner in DC for my stomach is (insert drumroll): Toki Underground

We started our meal with pork dumplings and fried chicken steam buns as appetizers. The fried chicken steam buns were amazing! They had a bit of a spicy kick to it, the mayo gave it some sweetness, and the greens and the buns balanced everything out. I also liked how we were able to create our own buns and control how much of everything we wanted. The dumplings were dumplings; you can't really go wrong with them. 

Clear winner for appetizers? The Fried Chicken Steam Buns. You must order these when you come here. So. Good. Yum. 

Now, to the ramen. I got the Toki Classic while my friend got the Red Miso. For the Toki Classic, I loved how savory the broth was with the pulled-pork kick and, most importantly, how the ramen was not greasy. Once our food arrived, for a good two minutes, my friends and I sat in silence and enjoyed our meal as our taste buds started to tickle. Wow, just everything about this ramen was incredible. 10/10 I would go back and this is, no question, my favorite ramen spot in DC now. 

My Overall Rating: A-

P.S. If you're planning to go, which I highly recommend, I also highly recommend you to get there early so you can guarantee a seat and won't have to wait in line.