Chaia: Vegetarian Tacos, DC

Chaia: Vegetarian Tacos, DC

Okay, you had to have seen this post coming, especially with all the recent commotion about Chaia aka DC's new hot vegetarian taco spot. 

My friends and I decided to stop by around 2 p.m. hoping to miss the crowd, but was surprised to see that there were still a lot of people lined up. The store is really small, so after my friends and I ordered our food, we decided to sit outside since the weather was extremely beautiful that day. 

I got the Butter Squash, Creamy Kale and Potato, and Spring Greens.  My favorite? The Creamy Kale and Potato -- yum! 

Overall, I had a good experience. Would I go back? If I wanted a nice healthy lunch then absolutely yes! 

P.S. Their tacos looks great in photos.