Atlantis Resort, Nassau Bahamas

Atlantis Resort, Nassau Bahamas

I was going through old photos and cleaning up some folders, and came across these memories.

This was taken in 2014 during my college spring break trip with friends. We stayed at Atlantis, where we got to enjoy the waterpark, fall asleep by the beach, and just bask in the warm sun and escape from college.

This resort is all age appropriate and family friendly. They have a wide variety of hotel/price selection. We ended up staying at the cheapest hotel at the resort, where (not surprised) all the other college kids were staying at, so it did get a little loud at night with other people blasting music at times. Parents/adults/anyone trying to avoid college kids, either stay at a higher end hotel or avoid the college spring break period.

P.S. I don’t gamble, but for those who do, they have a Casino in the resort.

Someone, take me back to paradise.